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Surface Protection during Plasma Hydrogenation for Acceptor Passivation in InP

  • J. Lopata (a1), W. C. Dautremont-Smith (a1), S. J. Pearton (a1), J. W. Lee (a1), N. T. Ha (a1) and H. S. Luftman (a1)...


Various dielectric and metallic films were examined as H-permeable surface protection layers on InP during H2 or D2 plasma exposure for passivation of acceptors in the InP. Plasma deposited SiNx, SiO2, and a-Si(H) films ranging in thickness from 85 to 225 Å were used to protect p-InP during D2 plasma exposure at 250°C. Optimum protective layer thicknesses were determined by a trade-off between the effectiveness of the layer to prevent P loss from the wafer surface and the ability to diffuse atomic H or D at a rate greater than or equal to that in the underlying InP. SIMS and capacitance-voltage depth profiling were used to determine the extent of D in-diffusion and acceptor passivation respectively. Sputter deposited W and e-beam evaporated Ti films ~100 Å thick were also evaluated. The W coated sample yielded similar results to those with dielectric films in that acceptors in p-InP were passivated to a similar depth for the same plasma exposure. The 100 Å Ti film, however, did not allow the D to diffuse into the InP substrate. It is surmised that the Ti film trapped the D, thus preventing diffusion into the substrate.



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