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Surface Modification of Polycarbonateurethane by Grafting Phosphorylcholine Glyceraldehydes for Improving Hemocompatibility

  • Wei Gao (a1), Yakai Feng (a1) (a2), Jian Lu (a1) and Jintang Guo (a1) (a2)


Phosphorylcholine glyceraldehyde (PCGA) was used as a phosphorylcholine (PC) group containing compound to graft onto the surface of polycarbonateurethane (PCU) film using 1,6-hexanediamine (HDA) or α,ω-diamino-poly(ethylene glycol) (APEG, Mn = 200) as a spacer, in order to introduce biomimetic structure onto the polymer surface. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis shows that PCGA has been covalently linked to the PCU surface. Water contact angle test suggests that the surface hydrophilicity has been improved after PCGA is grafted onto the surface of PCU film. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation of the modified PCU films after contacting with plasma-rich plasma demonstrates that platelets rarely adhere but a large number of platelets adhere to the original PCU surface. The hemocompatibility of the PC modified PCU film has been improved obviously after grafting with PCGA with PEG spacer.



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