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Surface acoustic wave resonator from thick MOVPE-grown layers of GaN(0001) on sapphire

  • Sverre V. Pettersen (a1), Thomas Tybell (a1), Arne Rønnekleiv (a1), Stig Rooth (a2), Veit Schwegler (a3) and Jostein K. Grepstad (a1)...


We report on fabrication and measurement of a surface acoustic wave resonator prepared on ∼10m thick GaN(0001) films. The films were grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy on a c-plane sapphire substrate. The surface morphology of the films were examined with scanning electron and atomic force microscopy. A metallic bilayer of Al/Ti was subsequently evaporated on the nitride film surface. Definition of the resonator interdigital transducers, designed for a wavelength of λ=7.76m, was accomplished with standard UV lithography and lift-off. S-parameter measurements showed a resonator center frequency f 0=495MHz at room temperature, corresponding to a surface acoustic wave velocity of 3844m/s. The insertion loss at center frequency was measured at 8.2dB, and the loaded Q-factor was estimated at 2200. Finally, measurements of the resonator center frequency for temperatures in the range 25–155°C showed a temperature coefficient of -18ppm/°C. The intrinsic GaN SAW velocity and electromechanical coupling coefficient were estimated at νSAW=383 1m/s and K 2=1.8±0.4·10−3.



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