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Superconductors in confined geometries

  • Zhili Xiao (a1), Yew-San Hor (a2), Ulrich Welp (a3), Yasuo Ito (a4), Umesh Patel (a5), Jiong Hua (a6), John Mitchell (a7), Wai-Kwong Kwok (a8) and George W. Crabtree (a9)...


The synthesis of nanoscale superconductors with controlled geometries is extremely challenging. In this paper we present results on synthesis and characterization of one-dimensional (1D) NbSe2 superconducting nanowires/nanoribbons. Our synthesis approach includes the synthesis of 1D NbSe3 nanostructure precursors followed by nondestructive and controlled adjustment of the Se composition to formulate NbSe2. The morphology, composition and crystallinity of the synthesized 1D NbSe2 nanostructures were analyzed with scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. Transport measurements were carried out to explore the electronic properties of these confined superconducting nanostructures.



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Superconductors in confined geometries

  • Zhili Xiao (a1), Yew-San Hor (a2), Ulrich Welp (a3), Yasuo Ito (a4), Umesh Patel (a5), Jiong Hua (a6), John Mitchell (a7), Wai-Kwong Kwok (a8) and George W. Crabtree (a9)...


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