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Sulfur Diffusion In Polycrystalline Thin-Film CdTe Solar Cells

  • M. H. Aslan (a1), W. Song (a1), J. Tang (a1), D. Mao (a1), R. T. Collins (a1), D. H. Levi (a2), R. K. Ahrenkiel (a2), S. C. Lindstrom (a3) and M. B. Johnson (a3)...


X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence measurements have been used to characterize the diffusion of S into CdTe during post growth annealing of CdTe solar cells. For anneals at 410°C in the presence of CdCl2, evidence that both a CdTe1 xSx phase and nearly-pure CdTe are present near the back contact is observed. The ternary phase becomes more prominent and the S concentration increases with depth reaching roughly 4–5% near the CdS interface. Much less diffusion is observed at 350°C while for a 460°C anneal, CdTe1-xSx with a S concentration near 5% is found throughout the layer. The presence of CdC12 during the anneal enhances the interdiffusion.



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