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SU-8 Processing on a Variety of Substrates

  • Yuh-Min Chiang (a1), Mark Bachman (a1), Hung-Pin Chang (a1), Charles Chu (a1) and G. P. Li (a1)...


SU-8 has become a popular material for micromachining high aspect ratio structures. Typically, SU-8 is spun on a polished silicon wafer for processing. After patterning, the SU-8 is used for micromachined structures directly (such as fluidic channels) or as a mold for electroforming. Non-silicon substrates offer the possibility of cheaper processing, improved mold designs, and multi-material devices. Successful SU-8 processing depends strongly on surface properties of the substrate itself as well as environmental conditions during the processing. We explore the issues involved in transferring SU-8 technology to non-silicon substrates such as glass, plastics and metals. Issues such as wettability, adhesion, and surface tension are explored in this study. The findings indicate the merits of non-spinning approaches, such as dipping, spraying, and brushing and point to new SU-8 processes.



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