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A Study on the Growth of a Ferroelectric Thin Film Using Ionized Cluster Beam Epitaxy Technique and the Application for Ulsi Fabrication

  • Hyun Seok Lee (a1) and Man Young Sung (a1)


The dielectric properties of Ba0.65Sr0.35TiO3(BST) films deposited by an electron beam assisted ionized cluster beam epitaxy (ICBE) technique were investigated. Highly (110) oriented BST films having a thickness up to 1, um have been successfully grown on a Si (100) substrate at 400°C using the electron beam assisted ICBE system with a plasma O2 source. It was found that the dielectric constant increases from 475 to 1191 with different process conditions. A BST film with a thickness of 500Å deposited at a substrate temperature of 400°C has a dielectric constant of 1191 and a leakage current of about 2.37×10-9 A/cm2. This shows the BST film can be applied to dielectrics of ULSI capacitors.



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