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Study on Multilayered Electrodes for Ferroelectric Thin Film Capacitors

  • Ilsub Chung (a1), J.K. Lee (a1), Wan In Lee (a1) and C.W. Chung (a1)


The ferroelectric properties of PZT on RuO2 electrodes were compared to those on RuOStudy on Multilayered Electrodes for Ferroelectric Thin Film Capacitors. It seems that the microstructure of PZT film plays an important role in the improvement of electrical properties. In particular, the change in the grain size of PZT film is responsible for the enhancement of the electrical properties. It was found in this study that films with smaller grain size had larger coercive fields. The exact dependence of the grain size on the hysteretic property is not fully understood at present. However, it is believed that the grain size affects both domain formation and domain pinning because of the influence of grain boundaries. The change in physical properties of PZT films due to the bottom electrode is understood in terms of interfacial modifications. Here we report on a method to modify physical properties of PZT films utilizing interfacial engineering.



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