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Study on C60 Doped PMMA for Organic Memory Devices


In this paper, fabrication of nanocomposite thin films with introduction of fullerene (C60) molecules in PolyMethyl MethAcrylate resist (PMMA) was investigated from a material and electrical point of view. The effective inclusion of C60 molecules in the samples was characterized by using UV-vis and Tof-SIMS instruments. The modified resist PMMA:C60 was also studied with Thermal analysis (TGA, DSC) where modification of physical properties is reported. Films were included in MIS and MIM devices and results on non volatile trapping of C60 doped PMMA are presented. Moreover, e-beam exposure tests showed that PMMA:C60 active layers for memory devices, were scalable in size.



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Study on C60 Doped PMMA for Organic Memory Devices


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