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Study of Trapping and Recombination In a-Si:H By Means of Infrared Enhancement Spectra of Photoconductivity

  • Wu Wenhao (a1), Qiu Changhua (a1), Zhao Shifu (a1) and Han Daxing (a1)


IR re-excitation of non-equilibrium carriers in undoped a-Si:H has been used to probe the profile of the distribution of deep traps. In a dualbeam experiment, after turning off a pump light, the trapped carriers are re-excited by an IR probe light which causes the photoconductivity(PC) to pass through a maximum, σmax, before settling down towards its steady state value, σs. σmax depends on the time interval td between turning off the pump light and turning on the probe light in a manner Δσ=σmaxs∞td-α(T) Based on the multiple trapping (MT) model, the distribution of deep traps has been deduced from the temperature dependences of α(T).



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