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Study of Thermal Oxide Solid-State Reaction on GaAs Surfaces

  • Z. Lu (a1), D. Chen (a1), R. M. Osgood (a1) and D. V. Podlesnik (a2)


In this paper, we will present a study of the thermal reaction of AsjOs with GaAs at temperatures below 550°C using monochromatic X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (MXPS). A solid-state interface reaction of 4GaAs + 3AS2O5 → 2Ga2O3 + 3AS2O3 + 4As, which includes the usual native oxide thermal reaction: 2GaAs + AS2O3 → Ga2O3 + 4As, as well as a decomposition reaction AS2O5 → AS2O3 + O2 is responsible for the thermal reaction in this temperature range.



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