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A Study of the Effect of Oxide Structure on the Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Ge from Si1-xGexO2

  • Juliana M. Blaser (a1), Christine Caragianis-Broadbridge (a2), Barbara L. Walden (a3) and David C. Paine (a1)


In this study, Si1-xGexO2 was produced by hydrothermal oxidation of Si1-xGex alloys at temperatures of 450–500°C and pressures of 30–40 MPa. The resulting Si1-xGexO2 samples were annealed in forming gas (85/15:N2/H2) and the precipitation and growth of Ge crystallites as a function of oxidation and annealing conditions were investigated using FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, XPS, AFM and high resolution SEM. The particle size distribution through the oxide thickness is accounted for by consideration of the incorporation of hydroxyl groups in the amorphous oxide network and their effect on the rate of diffusion of Ge in the amorphous structure during H2 annealing.



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