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The Study of Si, Se and O-Implanted GaAs by Slow Positrons

  • S. Fujii (a1), S. Shikata (a1), L. Wei (a1) and S. Tanigaw (a1)


Variable-energy (0–30keV) positron beam studies have been carried out on 200 keV Se-implanted and 70 keV Si-implanted GaAs specimens before and after annealing for electrical activation. From the measurements of Doppler broadened profiles as a function of incident positron energy, it was found that vacancy clusters with high concentration were introduced in the annealed specimen after Se implantation. From the parallel measurement of electrical characteristics, a higher activation efficiency was found for the higher concentration of vacancy clusters. That fact implies that electrons supplied by the activation of Se also convert the charge state of As vacancies from positive to negative. In contrast, no vacancy clusters were introduced in the Si-implanted GaAs. On the other hand, oxygen clustering was found in annealed specimen after O implantation.



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