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Study of Oxidation Properties of Amorphous Si:B Films

  • G.-R. Yang (a1), T. C. Nason (a1), Y.-J. Wu (a1), B. Y. Tong (a2) and S. K. Wong (a2)...


Thin films of an amorphous silicon-boron alloy with boron content 1–50 at.% have been deposited by low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD). The boron content and film thickness of the samples were controlled by regulating the ratio of diborane and silane gases during the deposition. It was observed that the crystallization of the amorphous alloy took place at higher temperatures as boron concentration was increased. After a thermal oxidation was performed, the stoichiometry of die resulting oxide layers on various samples was determined by the secondary ion mass spectrometry and Auger depth profile methods. While the threshold temperature for thermal oxidation was determined to be inversely proportional to the boron concentration, the oxidation rate showed a dramatic increase with boron content. In particular, an alloy containing 30% boron was readily oxidized at 500°C. Mechanisms for the enhancement of oxidation consistent with stoichiometric and spectroscopic properties of the oxide layers are discussed.



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