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Study of Ion Implanted Copper Laser Mirrors by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

  • P. G. Snyder (a1), A. Massengale (a1), K. Memarzadeh (a1), J. A. Woollam (a1), D. C. Ingram (a2) and P. P. Pronko (a2)...


Implantation with 400 keV Ag or Cu ions improves the near-surface microstructural quality and reflectance of diamond turned and mechanically polished flat copper laser mirrors. Spectroscopic ellipsometry is sensitive to changes in either the microscopic surface roughness, or in the nearsurface substrate void fraction, and both parameters are observed to change upon implantation. Substrate density as a function of ion fluence peaks at about 5 × 10 15cm-2. Low energy (300 eV) Ar ion implantation can cause either a reduction or increase in microscopic surface roughness, depending on fluence.



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