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The Study of Interfaces in Gaas

  • N.-H. Cho (a1), D.R. Rasmussen (a1), S. Mckernan (a1), C.B. Carter (a1) and D.K. Wagner (a2)...


The structure of the ∑=19, (331)/(331), [110] boundary is investigated by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. Atomic models are considered for this observed boundary taking particular account of the polarity of grains on either side of the boundary. The Burgers vector of a grain boundary dislocation associated with a step observed at this boundary is examined. A lattice translation across (110) APB is investigated through image matching.



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The Study of Interfaces in Gaas

  • N.-H. Cho (a1), D.R. Rasmussen (a1), S. Mckernan (a1), C.B. Carter (a1) and D.K. Wagner (a2)...


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