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Studies of Zinc, Cadmium and Mercury Stabilization in OPC/PFA Mixtures

  • C. S. Poon (a1) and R. Perry (a2)


The utilization of pulverized fuel ash (PFA) (fly ash) for the stabilization of heavy metal waste is described. Solutions of the group IIB elements (zinc, cadmium and mercury) are used as model materials because of their significance as industrial wastes. The study included aqueous chemistry determinations, a leaching test, the use of SEM to examine microstructure, and compressive strength measurements. The use of PFA in a cementitious matrix lowers the alkalinity of the overall system and thus improves the immobilization of the amphoteric metal such as zinc. The interaction between mercuric solution and PFA plays an important role in improving the retention of the blended system for mercury. SEM results show that the microstructure of the ordinary Portland cement (OPC)/PFA blended system is significantly modified by the incorporation of the waste material. The advantages of using the blended system over a pure OPC system are described in physical and chemical terms.



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Studies of Zinc, Cadmium and Mercury Stabilization in OPC/PFA Mixtures

  • C. S. Poon (a1) and R. Perry (a2)


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