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Structure and Properties of W and Mo-Subcontact Layers Influenced by Thermal Annealing

  • K. A. Gesheva (a1), G. Stoyanov (a1), A. Harizanova (a1) and R. Stefanov (a1)


One of the most important problems to solve in order to improve the CdTe solar cell performance is the deposition of stable ohmic contacts. W and Mo with their high work function, high temperature stability and good mechanical properties are prospective materials for contacts to p-CdTe. This paper presents data for the electrophysical characteristics of W or Mo/CdTe and W or Mo/ CdS-CdTe heterostructure systems. W and Mo films are deposited by a W(CO)6 based CVD process at atmospheric pressure and low temperatures (250–300)°C. We emphasize the improvment of the contact properties by developing a transitional layer heavily doped with acceptors. The defects arrangement in the layer should promote the diffusion of such impurities as Cu, P, As etc. A proper balance between the impurities and the defects could be achieved by suitable thermal treatment. Rapid thermal or traditional annealing in different gas atmospheres – N2, Ar or air were applied, followed by chemical or electrochemical treatment. Electrical characteristics measurements and structural studies were performed for CdTe layers as well as for the SnO2 - CdS - CdTe structures



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Structure and Properties of W and Mo-Subcontact Layers Influenced by Thermal Annealing

  • K. A. Gesheva (a1), G. Stoyanov (a1), A. Harizanova (a1) and R. Stefanov (a1)


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