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Structure and Properties of Polysilsesquioxanes and Copolymers for Ultra-Low Dielectric Films

  • Do Y. Yoon (a1), Hyun Wook Ro (a1), Eun Su Park (a1), Jin-Kyu Lee (a1), Hie-Joon Kim (a1), Kookheon Char (a2), Hee-Woo Rhee (a3), Dongil Kwon (a4) and David W. Gidley (a5)...


Polysilsesquioxanes (PSSQs) with the empirical formula (RSiO3/2)n have become very important as low-dielectric insulators for copper interconnects in the next-generation logic devices, but the detailed structure-property relationships were completely lacking. We have investigated the microstructure and functional properties of PSSQs with varying alkyl substituents and also PSSQ copolymers. As a result, significant advances have been made in the scientific understanding of PSSQ structures and significant improvements of key properties such as the crack resistance, mechanical modulus and hardness, and incorporation of nanometer-sized (<4 nm) porosity for ultra-low dielectric constants (<2.0).



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