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The Structure and Properties of a Ti-25Al-10Nb-3V-1mo Alloy

  • Wego Wang (a1), Marietta R. Scanlon (a2) and Martin G.H. Wells (a1)


Six super α2 titanium aluminide pancakes were produced by rapid omnidirectional compaction of prealloyed Ti-25Al-l0Nb-3V-lMo (at%) [Ti- 14.1Al-19.5Nb-3.2V-2Mo (wt%)] powder. Various solution and aging heat treatments were investigated to yield the best combination of tensile and stress rupture properties. The β transus temperature was found to be about 1,090 °C (1,990 °F). The alloy was heat treated with four different schedules to develop various structure combinations of α2 and β, and followed by a series of microstructural analyses and mechanical property determinations. The highest ultimate tensile strength and yield strength attained at room temperature were 1,174.9 and 977.7 MPa (170.4 and 141.8 ksi), respectively, for a specimen heat treated at 1,140 °C (2,084 °F) for 1 hr and aged at 816 °C (1,500 °F) for 4 hr + air cooling. However, the elongation was less than 2%. Under the same heat treatment condition, the ultimate tensile strength and yield strength measured at 427 °C (800 °F) were 1,139.1 and 711.6 MPa (165.2 and 103.2 ksi), respectively, with an elongation of 6.7%. The alloy also showed good stress rupture resistance. Compared with a similar hot isostatically pressed material, the current alloy shows superior mechanical properties due to a finer microstructure.



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The Structure and Properties of a Ti-25Al-10Nb-3V-1mo Alloy

  • Wego Wang (a1), Marietta R. Scanlon (a2) and Martin G.H. Wells (a1)


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