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Structure and magnetic properties of 4H-SrMnO 3-δ (δ=0.0 and 0.18) nanoparticles synthesized by thermal decomposition of appropriate precursor

  • M. Parras (a1), I. N. González-Jiménez (a1), A. Torres-Pardo (a1), A. E. Sánchez-Pelaez (a1), A. Gutiérrez (a1), M. García-Hernández (a2), J. M. González-Calbet (a1) and A. Varela (a1)...


Stoichiometric 4H-SrMnO3.0 nanoparticles have been successfully synthesized for the first time from thermal decomposition of a new heterometallic precursor [SrMn(edta)(H2O)53/2H2O. From this precursor, highly homogeneous 4H-SrMnO3.0 nanoparticles with average particle size 70 nm are obtained. Local structural information, provided by atomically-resolved microscopy techniques, shows that 4H-SrMnO3.0 nanoparticles exhibit the same general structural features than the bulk material, although structural disorder, due to edge-dislocations, is observed. The nanometric size of particles enables a topotactic reduction process at low temperature stabilizing a metastable 4H-SrMnO2.82 phase. The oxygen deficiency is accommodated through extra cubic layers breaking the …hchc… 4H-sequence. These defect areas are Mn3+ rich as evidenced by high energy resolution EELS data. Magnetic characterization of nano-4H-SrMnO 3-δ shows significant variations with respect to the bulk material.



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