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Structure and Electrical Properties of Atomic-scale In-Bi Nanowire Arrays

  • James Hugh Gervase Owen (a1), Osamu Kubo (a2) and David Bowler (a3)


The 1-nm-wide Bi nanoline has been proposed as a possible template for the growth of very-high-density arrays of atomic-scale nanowires, grown epitaxially on the technologically important Si(001) surface. Indium reacts with the Bi dimers, forming a unique zigzag atomic chain structure. Simulations of the appearance in STM of the lowest-energy isomer of this structure match experimental filled-states images. Calculation of the LDOS for the single-layer islands, finds that the nanowires are semiconducting, with a band gap smaller than that of the substrate, in good agreement with STS. A delocalised LUMO state is created, which may provide a conduction pathway along the nanowire. We have performed dual-probe STM conduction measurements along the In-Bi nanowires to test this prediction.



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