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Structural Study of V-like Columnar Inversion Domains in AlN Grown on Sapphire

  • J. Jasinski (a1), T. Tomaszewicz (a1), Z. Liliental-Weber (a1), Q. S. Paduano (a2) and D. W. Weyburne (a2)...


V-like columnar inversion domains with a divergence angle of about 4.5° ± 1° grown in AlN films with N-polarity were studied using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscopy. Such domains emerge at the surface forming a small islands in form of hexagonal, truncated pyramids. A model of such pyramid was proposed. TEM studies indicate a displacement of c/2 along the [0001] direction at the inversion domain boundary. A boundary itself is composed of long segments located on the {1100} planes, which are alternated by short segments on some inclined planes.



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