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Structural Studies of ZnO Calcined with Transition Metal Oxides

  • Lori Noice (a1), Bjoern Seipel (a2), Georg Grathoff (a3), Amita Gupta (a4), Peter Moeck (a5) and V. K. Rao (a6)...


Powder X-ray diffraction analyses of Mn-and Cu-doped ZnO powders calcined at 500˚C, show shifts in the wurtzite type semiconductor's lattice constants and unit cell volume which correspond to the nominal concentrations of transition metal dopants. Marked reductions in the a-lattice constant and unit cell volume for a small concentration of Cu dopants, which is not maintained upon increased Cu concentration, suggest a change in the copper ion hybridization state due to the dopant concentration. In all the samples, only ZnO and CuO phases were detected, aiding the ascertainment of any ferromagnetic response from the samples as arising from the formation of a true dilute magnetic semiconductor.



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Structural Studies of ZnO Calcined with Transition Metal Oxides

  • Lori Noice (a1), Bjoern Seipel (a2), Georg Grathoff (a3), Amita Gupta (a4), Peter Moeck (a5) and V. K. Rao (a6)...


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