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Structural Quality And Electrical Behavior Of Epitaxial High-κ Y2O3 / Si(001)

  • G. Vellianitis (a1), G. Apostolopoulos (a1), A. Dimoulas (a1), K. Argyropoulos (a1), B. Mereu (a2), R. Scholz (a2), M. Alexe (a2) and J. C. Hooker (a3)...


Y2O3 thin films were grown directly on Si (001) by MBE and annealed in-situ under UHV at various annealing temperatures. The samples were investigated in-situ by RHEED and ex-situ by HRTEM. A 7 to 15 Å thick non-uniform interfacial amorphous layer is observed in the as-grown sample. After annealing at 490°C under UHV for 30 minutes the amorphous layer is reduced and a sharp Y2O3/Si interface is obtained. At higher annealing temperatures, YSi2 islands start to form at the Y2O3/Si interface. I-V measurements performed on generic MIS structures show that the annealed samples exhibit higher leakage current density than the as-grown sample, due to reduction of the wide band gap interfacial layer. Leakage current densities in annealed samples remain below 1A/cm2, which is acceptable for future high-κ transistor fabrication.



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