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Structural Characterization Of SrBi2Ta209 Thin Films

  • E. Ching-Prado (a1), W. Pérez (a2), A. Reynés-figueroa (a2), R. S. Katiyar (a2), D. Ravichandran (a3) and A. S. Bhalla (a3)...


Thin films of SrBiTa2O9, (SBT) were deposited on Si using Sol-Gel technique. The thicknesses of the films are 200 nm (A) and 400 nm (B), respectively. SEM studies show isolated grains in both SBT films with a grain size distribution between 0.1 and 0.5 μ. However, most of the grain size in the film is smaller than 0.1 μ. EDX analysis indicates that the films are inhomogeneous. FTIR external reflectivity measurements of the samples show bands around 1260, 936(for SBT2), 955(for SBT4), 770, 600 cm−1. Micro Raman spectra shows inhomogeneities in the SBT films. Bands corresponding to the SBT materials were found, but frequency shifts and broadening were observed in almost every band. Particularly, the band around 818 cm−1 was found to change from 785 to 827 cm−1. Also, due to the stretching of the Ta06 octahedron, the Alg mode was found to be approximately 163 cm−1. This change seems to be related to the Ta-0 bond length.



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