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Structural and electrical characterizations of oxynitride films on solid phase epitaxially grown silicon carbide

  • L. K. Bera (a1), W. K. Choi (a1), D. McNeill (a2), S. K. Ray (a3), S. Chatterjee (a4) and C. K. Maiti (a4)...


We have investigated the structural and electrical properties of as-prepared and rapid thermal oxynitride films on C+ implanted solid phase epitaxially grown SiC. The oxynitride was grown using N2O. The C concentration of the samples was estimated to be 1, 2 and 5 at. %. From the infrared spectra, samples with 1 and 2 at. % carbon showed that the carbon was substitutionally incorporated into the silicon. No precipitation of SiC was detected. However, for the 5 at. % C sample, some precipitation was observed as indicated by a broad peak at ∼800 cm−1. The oxynitride films showed the Si-O-Si stretching mode at ∼1100 cm−1. The shoulder at 980–1067 cm−1 was due to the O-Si-N bond. The peak at 830 cm−1 was due to the Si-N and Si-C bonds and C-O complex vibrational mode was observed at 663 cm−1. Electrical characterization of the oxynitride films was carried out using the MOS capacitor structure. The interface state density was found to range between 5.7×1011 to 3.35×1012 cm−2eV−1 and increased with an increase in the C concentration. The electrical breakdown field was found to be in the range of 5–7 MV cm−1 and reduced with an increase in C concentration. The charge-to-breakdown value was measured and decreased with an increase in C concentration.



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