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Structural and Electrical Characterization of Undoped Poly-Si Oxides

  • T. Sakamoto (a1), H. Tokioka (a1), S. Takanabe (a1), T. Kubota (a1), Y. Niwano (a1), Y. Goto (a1), H. Namizaki (a1), O. Wada (a1) and H. Kurokawa (a1)...


We evaluated structural and electrical characteristics of undoped poly-Si oxide films. Poly-Si films made by solid phase crystallization at 600-900°C from undoped amorphous Si films were oxidized to form oxide layers of 140nm thickness. We observed protuberances on the surface of poly-Si layers after oxidation. Poly-Si oxide layers also generated protuberances above the protuberances of poly-Si films. The number of protuberances per unit area is larger in the case of high temperature crystallization. The measurement of current through the poly-Si oxide films shows that the conductivity of poly-Si oxide films depends on crystallization temperature of poly-Si films in the case of positive gate bias. When the gate is biased negatively, current through the poly-Si oxide films remained almost constant regardless of crystallization temperature. We find that poly-Si crystallized at lower temperatures offers poly-Si oxide films of lower leakage current in the case of electron injection from undoped poly-Si layers. The lower leakage current is due to highness of energy barrier for electron at undoped poly-Si/poly-Si oxide interface.



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