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Structural and Defect Study of Low Temperature INP Grown by Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • J. Ch. Garcia (a1), J. P. Hirtz (a1), P. Maurel (a1), H. J. Von Bardeleben (a2) and J. C. Bourgoin (a2)...


The low temperature growth procedure used in the case of GaAs to introduce high concentrations of deep traps such as arsenic antisite defects has been extended to the growth of InP by gas source molecular beam epitaxy. The low temperature growth of InP induces a strong group V stoechiometric deviation (of the order of +1%). On the other hand, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry reveals high levels of hydrogen ranging from 3.1018 to 3.1019 cm−3 depending on growth temperature. Undoped layers are found to be resistive without any post annealing. Annealing experiments above 250°C lead to conductive layers suggesting a passivation effect of both shallow donors and acceptors by hydrogen.



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