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Structural and Chemical Imaging of Superconductors and Semiconductors by High-Resolution Stem

  • S. J. Pennycook (a1)


In this paper a new method for high-resolution imaging of a crystal lattice is presented, based on high-angle electron scattering in a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM). An electron probe of atomic dimensions is scanned over the sample and the electron flux scattered through large angles measured by an annular detector and used to form an image. The detector integrates over a large range of angles and therefore replaces the coherent phase contrast of conventional high resolution TEM with the strong atomic number or Z-contrast characteristic of high angle Rutherford scattering. These characteristics make the image entirely complementary to the conventional image, ideal for studying the atomic structure and chemistry of defects and interfaces. Examples of the high Tc superconductors, epitaxial Ge on Si, and Sil−xGex/Si strained layer superlattices are shown, and a simple approximate method of image simulation is presented.



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