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Strong Magnetic Circular Dichroism in 4F Photoemission

  • Kai Starke (a1), E. Navas (a1), L. Baumgarten (a1) and G. Kaindl (a1)


We report on strong magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) in 4f photoemission (PE) from Magnetized Gd(0001)/W(110) films. The shape of the 4f6–7FJ final-state PE Multiplet depends on the relative orientation between photon spin and sample magnetization and can be described within an atomic Model. The spectra rule out antiferromagnetic alignment of the (0001) surface layer and the bulk of Gd. This MCD in 4f-PE from rare-earth materials opens new perspectives in the analysis of surface and thin-film magnetism and as a sensor for circular polarization of soft x-rays.



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Strong Magnetic Circular Dichroism in 4F Photoemission

  • Kai Starke (a1), E. Navas (a1), L. Baumgarten (a1) and G. Kaindl (a1)


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