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Stress-Driven Formation of Self-Assembled InGaAs Islands on Sub-Micron Metal-Patterned Substrate

  • Maeng Ho Son (a1) (a2), S. K. Jung (a1), Byung Don Min (a1), Chan Kyung Hyun (a1), Bum Ho Choi (a1), Eun Kyu Kim (a3), Yong Kim (a4) and Jong Soo Lim (a2)...


A stress-driven formation of self-assembled InGaAs islands has been studied by the growth on GaAs (100) substrates with sub-micron platinum stripe pattern. Islands or quantum dots preferentially nucleate at the boundary of metal patterns. In addition, a quantum dot-free region near the boundary of the metal pattern is found. Those results are attributed to the stress between metal stripe and GaAs surface, which produces a laterally stressed region around the metal stripe. Adatoms on this region preferentially migrate toward the edge of metal stripes with maximum stress. This result may show a possible way for the interconnection between randomly distributed self-assembled quantum dots and metal stripes.



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