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Stress and Microstructure Evolution during the Deposition and Crystallization of DCMagnetron Sputter Deposited Amorphous ITO

  • Hyo-Young Yeom (a1), Courtney Lanier (a1), Eric Chason (a1) and David C. Paine (a1)


The deposition of ITO onto glass substrates at room temperature results in a metastable amorphous phase that undergoes crystallization at remarkably low homologous temperatures (T/Tm<0.2). We have evaluated ITO film stress in the as-deposited condition and during crystallization of 200 nm thick films isothermally heated at 250°C. To explore the effect of stoichiometry on the amorphous structure, ITO films were deposited under low, optimum, and high (0, 0.1, and 2 vol %, respectively) oxygen partial pressures. In this report we have correlated changes in stress with changes in the electron transport characteristics (hall mobility and carrier density) and film microstructure.



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