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Strain-free Low-defect-density Bulk GaN with Nonpolar Orientations

  • Tanya Paskova (a1), Plamen P. Paskov (a2), Vanya Darakchieva (a3), Roland Kroeger (a4), Detlef Hommel (a5), Bo Monemar (a6), Sebastian Lourdudoss (a7), Edward Preble (a8), Andrew Hanser (a9), Mark N. Williams (a10) and Michael Tutor (a11)...


Bulk GaN sliced in bars along (11-20) and (1-100) planes from a boule grown in the [0001] direction by HVPE was confirmed as strain free material with a low dislocation density by using several characterization techniques. The high-structural quality of the material allows photoluminescence studies of free excitons, principal donor bound excitons and their two-electron satellites with regard to the optical selection rules. Raman scattering study of the bulk GaN with nonpolar orientations allows a direct access to the active phonon modes and a direct determination of their strain-free positions.



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