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Strain Relaxation of Self-nanostructured Solution Derived La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Films

  • Patricia Abellan (a1), Sandiumenge Felip (a2), Cesar Moreno (a3), Marie-Jose Casanove (a4), Teresa Puig (a5) and Xavier Obradors (a6)...


The morphological and microstructural evolution associated with an exsolution driven self-nanostructuration process of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films, is investigated using scanning force microscopy, reciprocal space mapping and transmission electron microscopy. The focus is placed on the misfit strain relaxation mechanism. Surfaces with atomically flat terraces are already developed after 1hour at 1000 °C while first fingerprints of phase exsolution do not appear until 9-10 hours. X-ray diffraction reciprocal-space mapping reveals that 24 nm thick films remain strained during the whole microstructural evolution, while 12 hour annealed films undergo almost total plastic relaxation of the misfit strain at a thickness of 60 nm. Overall, these results point to a kinetic limitation of dislocation mechanisms. It is argued that chemical relaxation provides a significant contribution to misfit strain relief.



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