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Strain Mapping in InGaAsP Epitaxial Films by An X-Ray Diffraction Technique

  • Jharna Chaudhuri (a1), William E. Mayo (a2) and Sigmund Weissmann (a2)


A new x-ray diffraction method is developed to determine the full elastic strain tensor and its distribution about a strain center in single crystal materials. It is based on the recently developed Computer Aided Rocking Curve Analyzer and is particularly well suited for analysis of thin film structures common to electronic materials. This technique will be described in detail, and its application in measuring the non-uniform strains in InGaAsP epitaxial film on InP substrate will be presented. Also, possibility of using this method to measure the uniformity of film thickness will be discussed.



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Strain Mapping in InGaAsP Epitaxial Films by An X-Ray Diffraction Technique

  • Jharna Chaudhuri (a1), William E. Mayo (a2) and Sigmund Weissmann (a2)


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