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STM Study of Reconstruction on Si(III)

  • M. Umekawa (a1), S. Ohara (a1), S. Tatsukawa (a1), H. Kuriyama (a1) and S. Matsumoto (a1)...


The formation of the boron-induced reconstruction on Si(111) 7×7 surface has been studied with scanning tunneling microscope. By evaporating elemental B on Si elevated at high temperatures, reconstructed structures develop from the step edge to the adjacent lower terrace. They emerge at temperatures between 800°C and 900°C. It indicates that phase transition from 7×7 to 1×1 surface structure is necessary for forming the √3-B reconstructed structures. The phase boundary between 7×7 and regions is a straight line with termination of the faulted halves of 7×7 unit cell. It is also found that strip or triangle regions are formed, depending on the direction of the step propagation.



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STM Study of Reconstruction on Si(III)

  • M. Umekawa (a1), S. Ohara (a1), S. Tatsukawa (a1), H. Kuriyama (a1) and S. Matsumoto (a1)...


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