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Stm Observation of Solid Phase Epitaxy Processes of Ar-Sputtered Si(100) Surfaces

  • Katsuhiro Uesugi (a1), Masamichi Yoshimura (a1), Takafumi Yao (a1), Tomoshige Sato (a2), Takashi Sueyoshi (a2) and Masashi Iwatsuki (a2)...


Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) is used to investigate the surface morphology of Ar+-ion bombarded Si(100) surfaces and to elucidate the very beginning stages of solid phase epitaxy (SPE) processes of the Ar+-ion bombarded Si surfaces. The Ar+-ion bombarded Si surface consists of hillocks of 1–2 nm in diameter and 0.35–0.75 nm in height. The onset of SPE initiates at around 590°C, at which temperature a (2×2) structure surrounded by amorphous regions is partially observed on terraces of the surface. During annealing at 590–620°C, the areas of the c(2×2) and c(4×4) reconstruction surrounded by amorphous regions develops. New defect models for the (2×2) and c(4×4) structures are proposed w here alternating arrangements of the buckled dimers together with missing dimer defects are considered. On the other hand, after thermal annealing of the Ar+-ion bombarded Si at 830°C for 10 sec, terraces of (2×1) and (1×2) orientations arc observed on the surface, and pyramidal structures on a nanometer-scale which consists of double-layer step edges (dimer rows perpendicular to terrace edge) arc observed.



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