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Statistical Aspects of Martensitic Nucleation

  • G. B. Olson (a1), K. Tsuzaki (a1) and Morris Cohen (a1)


Analysis of the Cech-Turnbull small-particle martensitic transformation experiments in terms of heterogeneous nucleation theory defines an exponential nucleation-site potency distribution. Sensitive acoustic-emission detection of martensitic nucleation events shows that the same form of distribution describes the behavior of bulk polycrystals, and the influence of heat treatment on the distribution amplitude can be identified in this way. On the assumption of a random distribution of pre-existing nucleation-site orientations, the effect of applied stress on the effective potency distribution has been calculated, thus accounting for an observed nonlinear stress dependence of the transformation kinetics. The model also predicts a transformation “yield locus” for multiaxial stress.



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