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Static Leaching of Actinides and Fission Products from Fully Radioactive Waste Glass of Hllw Generated in Tokai Reprocessing Plant

  • K. Miyahara (a1), T. Ashida (a1), Y. Yusa (a1), N. Sasaki (a1) and N. Tsunoda (a1)...


Fully radioactive waste glass of HLLW generated in Tokai Reprocessing Plant was produced by using a small Joule-heated ceramic melter at the Chemical Processing Facility (CPF), Tokai Works, PNC, Japan. Static leach tests using the glass were carried out in doubly distilled water for a period of up to three months at 30°C and 90 °C. Gamma spectrometry was performed to measure 134Cs, 137Cs and 60Co in the leachates. After the chemical separation of Cs isotopes in the leachates, it was newly possible to measure 125Sb, 144Ce, 154Eu and 155Eu. Alpha spectrometry was performed to measure 239Pu+240Pu, 241Am and 244Cm in the leachates. Adsorption of the actinides on the wall of the leach vessel was recognized in all cases. Leaching behavior of the measured radionuclides were evaluated by considering mass balance of the radionuclides which were leached.



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