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Stability of Sputter Deposited Al-Cu Bilayers on SiO2.

  • R. Nandan (a1), S. P. Murarka (a1), A. Pant (a1), C. Shepard (a2) and W. A. Lanford (a2)...


An investigation of the stability and electrical characteristics of Aluminum-Copper bilayer films on SiO2 has been carried out. In this investigation, a thin layer of sputtered aluminum is used as a diffusion barrier/adhesion promoter between the copper and SiO2. The electrical performance of these structures when subjected to thermal cycles and applied biases is determined. The interactions and diffusion of copper through aluminum into SiO2 was investigated using both blanket films and MOS capacitors. Results are compared with those obtained from structures of Al and Cu metallization on SiO2. Samples were annealed at various temperatures in the range of 200°C to 500°C. Analysis using four-point probe resistivity measurements, X-ray diffraction, and Rutherford Back Scattering were carried out. MOS capacitors are used to establish performance under applied bias. Capacitance-Voltage characteristics of formed alloys are discussed. These results will be presented and discussed in view of the applicability of aluminum as the adhesion promoter for copper interconnections on SiO2.



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Stability of Sputter Deposited Al-Cu Bilayers on SiO2.

  • R. Nandan (a1), S. P. Murarka (a1), A. Pant (a1), C. Shepard (a2) and W. A. Lanford (a2)...


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