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Stability And Precipitation Kinetics In Si1-yCy/Si and Si1-x-yGexC/Si Heterostructures Prepared by Solid Phase Epitaxy

  • J. W. Strane (a1), S. T. Picraux (a2), H. J. Stein (a2), S. R. Lee (a2), J. Candelaria (a3), D. Theodore (a3) and J. W. Mayer (a4)...


This study investigates the stability of Metastable Si1-yCy/Si heterostructures during rapid thermal annealing (RTA) over a temperature range of 1000 – 1150° C Heterostructures of Si1-yCy/Si and Si1-x-yGexCy/Si (x=0.077, y ≤ .0014) were formed by solid phase epitaxy from C implanted, preamorphized substrates using a 30 Minute 700° C anneal in N2. The occupancy of C in substitution lattice sites was monitored by Fourier Transform Infrared Absorption spectroscopy. The layer strain was monitored by rocking curve x-ray diffraction and the structural changes in the layers were determined using plan-view and X-sectional transmission electron Microscopy (TEM). For anneals of 1150° C or above, all the substitutional C was lost from the Si lattice after 30 seconds. TEM verified that the strain relaxation was the result of C precipitating into highly aligned βSiC particles rather than by the formation of extended defects. No nucleation barrier was observed for the loss of substitutional C Preliminary results will also be discussed for Si1-x-yGexCy/Si heterostructures where there is the additional factor of the competition between strain energy and the chemical driving forces.



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