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Sputter Deposition of Nanocones for Field Emission

  • Alan F. Jankowski (a1) and Jeffrey P. Hayes (a1)


Deposition into micron-sized holes is known to produce cone shapes as supported on substrates. Potential uses for the cones include field-forming devices as field ionizers and field emission cathodes. The application of such devices include flat panel displays and flash x-ray tubes. Process iterations to closely space arrays of sharp cones have been extensively documented during the past two decades using the physical vapor deposition method of evaporation. Sputter deposition is well known as a method to fill holes and trenches but has only recently been demonstrated as an alternative method to produce field emission cathodes. In a further reduction in size, we have been successful in demonstrating the ability to deposit a cone shape into a cavity with a 300nm diameter hole. Through comparison to the results of electron-beam evaporative deposition, a sputter deposited nanocone appears to be suitable for use as a field emission cathode.



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Sputter Deposition of Nanocones for Field Emission

  • Alan F. Jankowski (a1) and Jeffrey P. Hayes (a1)


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