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Spin Relaxation in SiGe Islands

  • Hans Malissa (a1), Wolfgang Jantsch (a2), Gang Chen (a3), Herbert Lichtenberger (a4), Thomas Fromherz (a5), Friedrich Schäffler (a6), Günther Bauer (a7), Alexei Tyryshkin (a8), Stephen Lyon (a9) and Zbyslaw Wilamowski (a10)...


We present our work on the spin relaxation of electrons confined in SiGe islands. Ge islands are grown on unstructured and structured Si(100) substrates by MBE, and lead to strain in the Si layer that is deposited on top. These quantum dot structures are investigated by photoluminescence and electron spin resonance (ESR) experiments, the latter both in continuous wave and pulsed mode. We observe a g-factor and an ESR line width that correspond to Si conduction band electrons with additional inhomogeneous broadening.



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