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Spectroscopic Studies of Manganese Doped LaGaO3 Crystals

  • M. A. Noginov (a1), N. Noginova (a1), G. B. Loutts (a1), K. Babalola (a2) and R. R. Rakhimov (a1)...


We have grown Mn:LaGaO3 crystals (Mn=0.5%, 2%, 10%, and 50%) and studied their properties with the methods of optical and EPR spectroscopy. We have found Mn2+, Mn4+, and Mn5+ ions in low doped crystals (Mn=0.5% and 2%) and Mn3+ ions in crystals with higher Mn concentrations (10% and 50%). The formation of Mn3+ valence state in Mn:LaGaO3 is discussed.



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