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Spectroscopic Mapping Ellipsometry of Graphene Grown on 3C SiC

  • Alexander Boosalis (a1), Tino Hofmann (a1), Vanya Darakchieva (a2), Rositza Yakimova (a2), Tom Tiwald (a3) and Mathias Schubert (a1)...


Spectroscopic mapping ellipsometry measurements in the visible spectrum (1.25 to 5.35 eV) are performed to determine the lateral variations of epitaxial graphene properties as grown on 3C SiC. Data taken in the visible spectrum is sensitive to both the Drude absorption of free charge carriers and the characteristic exciton enhanced van Hove singularity at 5 eV. Subsequent analysis with simple oscillator models allows the determination of physical parameters such as free charge carrier scattering time and local graphene thickness with a lateral resolution of 50 microns.



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