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Spectroscopic and Structural Studies of Some Precursors for the Deposition of PZT and Related Materials by MOCVD

  • Kirsty A. Fleeting (a1), Tony C. Jones (a1), Tim Leedham (a2), M. Azad Malik (a1), Paul O'brien (a1) and David J. Otway (a1)...


MOCVD is a useful method for the deposition of thin films of lead zirconium titanate, PZT, because of its good step coverage and control of composition. Results are herein presented on a number of novel compounds which are potential MOCVD precursors. The compounds studied include Pb(tmhd)2, Zr(OBu')4 and Ti(OPr')4. Another commonly utilized precursor Zr(tmhd)4, is not ideal, in that it is a high melting point solid, and hence requires high substrate temperatures. We have sought to modify Zr precursors through chemical methods and have synthesized a number of novel, more volatile, and less intrinsically thermally stable MOCVD precursors. Full chemical characterization of the Zr precursors (NMR, IR, MS, CHN, TGA/DSC, Single Crystal X-ray diffraction) has been undertaken. We also present structural results on some related lead precursors.



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