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A Spectromicroscopic Study of Corrosion in AI-Cu-Si Metallization

  • S. Liang (a1), A.K. Ray-Chaudhuri (a1), W. Ng (a1), S. Singh (a1), J.T. Welnak (a1) and F. Cerrina (a1)...


Soft X-ray photoelectron spectromicroscopy has been employed to examine the microstructural chemistry of corrosion on thin films of AL-i%Cu-1%Si alloy. Cu-rich precipitates are formed after the film is annealed at around 320ºC Localized corrosion takes place around these precipitates, and circular microstructures have been observed. Energy distribution curves (EDCs) taken at specific points are analyzed and photoelectron images were obtained from different kinetic energies corresponding to the peaks in EDC. It was found that after corrosion the Al2Cu particles are revealed and distributed at the center of the corrosion structure with oxide as matrix, while the oxides form a ring-like band outside.



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A Spectromicroscopic Study of Corrosion in AI-Cu-Si Metallization

  • S. Liang (a1), A.K. Ray-Chaudhuri (a1), W. Ng (a1), S. Singh (a1), J.T. Welnak (a1) and F. Cerrina (a1)...


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