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Spectral Transformation of Exelfs Data and a Structural Examination of Nitrogen on Cu(100) and Cu(110) Surfaces

  • Q. Dai (a1) and A. J. Gellman (a1)


EXtended Electron Energy Loss Fine Structure (EXELFS) spectra have been obtained above the K-edge of nitrogen atoms adsorbed on Cu. The radial distribution functions obtained from the fine structure indicate N-Cu bond lengths of 1.84(±.03) Å and 1.81(±.03) Å for nitrogen on the Cu(100) and Cu(110) surfaces respectively. As in previous EXELFS measurements, the actual measurements made are of N"(E) rather than direct measurement of N(E), the electron energy loss distribution. The EXELFS spectra from these two surfaces are used to illustrate the influence of this collection scheme on the radial distribution function obtained by Fourier transformation of the raw data. To obtain the direct analog of the radial distribution function found from the EXAFS experiment one must either resort to spectral integration or appropriate scaling of the distribution function found in the EXELFS experiment.



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