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Spatially Resolved Electroluminescence of InGaN-MQW-LEDs

  • Veit Schwegler (a1), Matthias Seyboth (a1), Christoph Kirchner (a1), Marcus Scherer (a1), Markus Kamp (a1), Peter Fischer (a2), Jürgen Christen (a2) and Margit Zacharias (a2)...


Electroluminescence (EL) is the most significant measure for light-emitting diodes since it probes the most relevant properties of the fully processed device during operation. In addition to the information gained by conventional spectrally resolved EL, scanning micro-EL provides spatially resolved information. The devices under investigation are InGaN/GaN-LEDs with single peak band-band emission at about 400 nm grown by MOVPE on sapphire substrates.

The μ-EL-characterization is performed as a function of injection current densities and the emission is investigated from the epitaxial layer as well as from substrate side. Spatially resolved wavelength images reveal emission peaks between 406 nm and 417 nm, corresponding either to In fluctuations of 1%–1.5% or local fluctuations of piezo electric fields. Beside the information on the emission wavelength fluctuations ν-EL is used to determine the temperature distribution in the LEDs and to investigate transparent contacts.



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